Guinea Bissau: African Development Bank funds health sector

8 January 2009

Tunis, Tunisia, 8 Jan – Guinea Bissau is due to receive funding of US$9.24 million from the African Development Bank (ADB) for projects in the health sector, including modernisation of the Simão Mendes National Hospital (HNSM).

In a statement issued Wednesday, the ADB said that Guinea Bissau, “would have a benchmark centre” to support the training of health professionals, with a view to rehabilitating and re-equipping HSNM, as well as the “introduction of effective administrative and financial management and a maintenance system.”

The project to support the Guinean National Sanitary Development Programme, which has now been restructured, has been in place since August 2001.

The programme was under threat due to “the fragile economic situation” of Guinea Bissau, following the “crisis, characterised by the weakening of the country’s institutional capacities, lack of internal resources, contraction of economic activity and a fall in human development indicators.”

Work is expected to take over two years. (macauhub)