Mozambique: Mozambican airspace liberalized from Q2

22 January 2009

Lisbon, Portugal, 22 Jan – Mozambique will open up its airspace from the second quarter of the year to end the monopolies of Portugal’s TAP and Mozambique’s LAM on the Lisbon-Maputo route, Mozambican Tourism Minister Fernando Sumbana said Wednesday.

Sumbana told the Lusa news agency on the sidelines of the Lisbon Tourism Bourse (BTL) that the ending of route monopolies is part of international open-skies accords that will give Mozambique more airlines operating into the country.

He said a legal framework is being created ahead of the airline liberalization to “ensure security” and also give the same “rules of the game” for all carriers.

Mozambique’s INAC civil aviation authority has revised all its air transport accords with Portugal and Lusophone African states. Negotiations with Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Guinea-Bissau on opening of routes to Lisbon were swift, in contrast to those in Mozambique and Angola.

The new airline agreements replace single designation of airlines for each state with multi-designation without limits. Under the new rules Portugal can authorize airlines from other European Union states that are registered in Portugal, as well as Portuguese carriers.

Code-share flights are also permitted by companies nominated by two counties and third states. (macauhub)