Mozambique: Illicit fishing costs state US$ 38 million per year

22 January 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 22 Jan – Mozambique loses an estimated US$ 38 million every year due to illicit fishing off its coast, says the assistant national director of maritime administration, Augusto Nhampule.

The Maputo official told an international conference on pirate fishing in southern Africa that a plan is being drawn up to improve information exchange between states concerned, who agreed to tackle the problem last year.

Lack of coastal surveillance due to financial constraints is one problem affecting the countries involved in the crackdown on illegal fishing, he added, and communication problems between these states also compromises efforts to deter and catch offenders.

Sub-Saharan Africa loses an estimated US$ 1 billion annually due to illegal fishing, noted Nhampule, and if the states affected do not act in unison to tackle to problem their accord to combat these activities will prove valueless.

Mozambique is particularly vulnerable to illegal fishing north of the 22nd parallel. (macauhub)