Brazil: Portuguese company in biogas joint venture

23 January 2009

Lisbon, Portugal, 23 Jan – Portuguese firm Ecoprogresso has signed a deal with Brazilian consultancy Brascarbon to develop biogas projects in pig farms in Brazil, the company said Thursday.

Ecoprogresso, specializing in the carbon trading market, said its partnership with Brascarbon is aimed to reduce emissions by capturing biogas produced in pig farming ventures in the states of Sao Paulo, Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sol.

The first stage of the project is already in course and involves investments of 3 million euros by the Luso Carbon Fund, a partner of Ecoprogresso, in gathering biogas from 80 farms.

The second phase of the venture is valued at 8 million euros and will result in an annual reduction of 850,000 tons of gasses.

Ecoprogresso was created in 2002 and selected by the backers of the Luso Carbon Fund (BES, Banif and Fomentivest) as consultancy for the fund in the light of its international negotiating experience on behalf of the Portuguese government over the Kyoto Protocol, as well as with the UN and EU.

The Portuguese company began its international expansion in 2007 by opening an office in Sao Paulo, followed by Beijing, China, the following year. (macauhub)