Mozambique: Theft and destruction of equipment cost electricity company EDM 770 million meticais

30 January 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 30 Jan – Theft of electricity and destruction and theft of generation and transmission equipment in 2008 cost Mozambican electricity company EDM 770 million meticais, according to MOzambican newspaper Notícias.

The paper cited the director of EDM’s Image and Communications Department, Celstino Sitoe, as saying that of the total 700 million meticais was the result of theft of electricity and that losses from theft and/or destruction of equipment were estimated at US$780,431, or some 20 million meticais.

Sitoe added that losses from destruction and theft of production and transmission equipment had fallen every year after totalling US$2.45 million in 2004.

The losses have been reduced due to measures to combat and prevent illicit use of electricity and destruction of EDM’s infrastructure that EDM has developed alongside local governments, Justice administrations, communities, the media and other entities, the paper said.

However, recently a transmission post was vandalised in the Inhamízua area, in the city of Beira, and deprived at least 300 of the company’s customers of receiving electricity.

Sitoe said that a new transmission post was on its way, but gave no specific date for the electricity supply to be re-connected.

Along the transmission line linking Alto Molócuè to Guruè, in Zambézia province, various screws and cornerstones were stolen, leaving three transmission towers in imminent danger of falling down, which could lead to the electricity supply being cut off not only in Zambézia, but also in the north of the country.

Both theft of electricity and theft/destruction of equipment mainly occur in the south of Mozambique. (macauhub)