Brazil: Brazilian tourism to Hong Kong rises 40 pct in two years

4 February 2009

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 4 Feb – The number of Brazilian tourists that visited Hong Kong in 2008 totalled 43,000, a rise of 6.9 percent on 2007 and 40 percent on 2006, the director for the Americas of the Hong Kong Tourism Board said Tuesday.

During a meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Michael Lin said that growth of between 5 and 8 percent was expected this year, which figure was influenced by the US dollar Exchange rate.

Brazil is the Latin American country that send most visitors to Hong Kong.

“We have the facilities ot receive visitors from all parts fo the world and for various types of tourism and I guarantee that we will continue investing in Brazila nd the world,” said Lin.

Marina Barros, the representative of the Hong Kong Tourism Board in Brazil, said that Brazilians were so-called “dream tourists” as they spend a lot whilst travelling.

In 2008 Hong Kong received over 29 million tourists.

Of these, 57 percent were from China. 10 percent from Southeast Asia, 5.7 percent from the Americas, 7.1 percent from Europe, Africa and the Middle East, 7.6 percent from Japan and South Korea, 2.6 percent from Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, 7.6 percent from Taiwan and 2.4 percent from Macau. (macauhub)