Mozambique: Mozambican energy fund finances 400 projects

6 February 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 05 Feb – The National Energy Fund (Funae) is carrying out 400 projects for the electrification of administrative posts in over 20 districts in Mozambique, said Mequelina Meneses, chair of the institution’s board of directors.

She also said that the electrification of schools and health centres would also come under the scope of these projects.

She said that the intention with these projects was to promote the use of new and renewable energies.

In a population of 20 million, it is estimated that less than 15 percent of Mozambicans have access to electricity.

“There are many people in the country without energy and who, in the short term, will not be able to benefit from the Cahora Bassa hydroelectric network,” said Mequelina Meneses.

Funae is also carrying out other projects such as the expansion of liquid fuel distribution services in rural areas, work that is counting on private sector participation.

The building of petrol stations in the more remote areas of the country is the result of an agreement signed by Petroleos de Mocambique (Petromac) and Funae.

Mequelina Meneses did not disclose the figures involved in either the 400 electrification projects or the expansion of the petrol station network. (macauhub)