Angola: New city to be built to north of Luanda to house excess population

12 February 2009

Luanda, Angola, 12 Feb – The Angolan government plans to build a new city called “Sassa Bengo”, to the north of Luanda by 2030, in order to house the excess population of the country’s capital, which is currently estimated to be home to 5.8 million people.

At the presentation of the plan to the press, Wednesday in Luanda, Angola’s Urbanism Minister and coordinator of the project, Diakumpuna Sita José, said that the new city would be built along the road linking the cities of Luanda, Caxito and Barra do Dande.

The population of the city of Luanda is projected to increase to 15 million by 2030.

According to the coordinator, available figures point to the population of Angola as a whole rising to 30 million by 2030, as compared to an estimated 16 million, currently.

The city of Luanda, which was built to house 700,000 people, is now home to almost 6 million, as a result of 30 years of war in Angola that drove millions of people out of the country’s interior to the capital in search of greater safety and food.

With the civil war ended in 2002, the Government implemented a process of returning thousands of refugees to their original areas, but a lack of basic facilities in the provinces led many of them to return to Luanda and many to refuse to leave in the first place.

The Integrated Plan for Uraban Expansion is being carried out by Lebanese consultancy, Dar-Al-Handasah and the deadlines announced point to the new city of Sassa Bengo to be concluded by 2030. (macauhub)