Angola: Angola has 440 new fishing vessels

17 February 2009

Luanda, Angola, 17 Feb – Angola has 440 large and small fishing vessels around the country’s main fishing provinces said the chairman of the Instituto de Desenvolvimento da Pesca Artesanal e Aquicultura (IPA) in Luanda.

In statements made to the Angolan news agency, Angop, Caholo Duarte said that of the 440 vessels, 190 come from Spain and 250 from China, and are distributed among the provinces of Zaire, Bengo, Cabinda, Luanda, Quanza Sul, Benguela and Namibe.

He said that these vessels have Japanese electronic equipment (GPS, VHF systems and radio) and Norwegian-made fishing equipment.

According to Duarte, the “Fleet Renewal” program is a project aimed at substituting old boats made of wood with more secure vessels, made from steel.

He said the aim was to substitute around 3,000 of the existing 6,000 vessels involved in traditional sea fishing by 2010.

At the end of 2010 he said that an evaluation would be made of the program’s results, and it could be continued until 2012, with the substitution of the remaining vessels.

The chairman said that for 2009 the arrival of over 1000 vessels was planned, though due to cuts made in the Public Investment Plan, the number could be reduced.

The fishing fleet renovation program, an initiative of the Angolan Government, will be carried out over a period of 10 years and will provide 600 vessels per year.

The program is funded by China with US$250 million, Spain with US$81 million and Poland with 27.5 million Euros. (macauhub)