Cape Verde: COSPE launches campaign to promote tourism on the island of Fogo

3 March 2009

São Filipe, Cape Verde, 3 Mar – The Italian non-governmental organization, COSPE will run a campaign from March to May this year, to promote tourism in Chã de Caldeiras, the Natural Park and the Island of Fogo as a whole, said news agency Inforpress.

COSPE (Cooperation for the Development of Emerging Countries) has developed on the island, in partnership with the local Farmers Association and the community of Chã de Caldeiras, a project which includes, among other aspects, the promotion of rural tourism, with a view to adding value to the community.

In this context, a tourist village in Chã de Caldeiras, named “Sírio” and built from scratch has been in operation since January.

The campaign to promote Chã de Caldeiras as a tourist destination, will be aimed at internal tourism through the offer of special conditions, such as accommodation at the new tourist village which offers 6 rooms and 18 beds, all with private bathrooms.

COSPE also aims to develop a rural tourism network in Cape Verde in partnership with the Department for the Environment, considering designating the areas of Santiago, São Nicolau and Santo Antão as “protected.”

The project, which should be funded by the EU, is scheduled to begin at the end of 2009 or the beginning of 2010, once the current activities are concluded.

For Fogo Island the project aims to develop and promote local craft in order to stimulate a new organized economy, via the improvement of existing products and diversification into the tourist market. (macauhub)