Macau: Government promotes Macau in Taiwan to attract more tourists

5 March 2009

Macau, China, 5 March – Macau has been promoting its potential in terms of tourism since the start of the month in Taiwan with the aim of attracting more visitors to Macau, news agency MacauNews reported.

The campaign launched by the Macau Tourism Office in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, and in Taichung, will last for eight days and includes contacts with tourist operators on the island, as well as airlines that fly to Macau and representatives of the hotel sector..

Taiwan represents the third largest market in terms of sending visitors to Macau, after mainland China and Hong Kong.

In 2008 around 1.3 million people visited Macau from Taiwan, though it is expected that this number will drop considerably in 2009, after the start of direct flights between mainland China and Taiwan.

In recent years Macau served as a stop over for tourists from Taiwan that were on their way to mainland China and vice-versa, as there were no direct flight between the two sides of the Formosa Strait.

Projections point to the number of Taiwanese tourists visiting Macau possibly decreasing by around half a million.

The Macau Tourist Office has recently finished a similar campaign in Malaysia, with the aim of attracting more tourists from that country to Macau in a year that the Special Administrative Region celebrates its 10th anniversary. (macauhub)