Angola: Irrigated area of Ganjelas, Huíla province, sees first harvest

9 March 2009

Lubango, Angola, 9 March – Over 3,500 kilograms of maize were harvested in February in the pilot area of the irrigated perimeter of the Ganjelas dam, in Angola’s Huíla province, the chairman of the Ganjelas development company, Soganeela, Guerra Pedro said.

This is the first harvest in the irrigated area since it was refurbished and according to Guerra Pedro speaking to Angolan news agency Angop, 70 hectares of maize have been sown that are expected to be harvested over the next few months.

He said that, as well as this, experimental bean nurseries were being set up, as well as fruit orchards, especially citrus fruits, over 75 hectares.

Currently, Guerra Pedro said, 69 farmers were working in the 429-hectare pilot area.

Eefurbishment fo Ganjelas and its 24 kilometres of irrigation channels began in 2005 and is due to end at the end of this year, at a total estimated investment of US$28 million from a credit line granted by China.

Chibia municipality is located 45 kilometres south of Lubango and has an estimated population of 131,000 that mainly works in agriculture and cattle farming. (macauhub)