Mozambique: Mozambican trade is the sector receiving the most banking credit

10 March 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 10 Mar – The trade sector continues to be the one receiving the most credit from banking institutions, macauhub has learned from banking sources in Maputo.

It receives three times the amount of credit given to agriculture, a sector in which Mozambique has enormous potential yet it is not particularly developed.

Among agriculture, industry, trade, construction, tourism, transport and telecommunications, industry follows trade in the areas under analysis.

The amount of credit given to the transport and communications sectors, when compared with the amount given to trade, also comes under the spotlight. Trade receives twice the amount of credit than transport and communications.

Studies point out that the banking system’s preference for the commercial sector is related to the rapid capital turnover in this sector.

Another important point in the information obtained by macauhub is the fact that the industry and tourism sectors, seen as whole, receive six times less credit than the trade sector. (macauhub)