Mozambique: Government increases production of natural gas

12 March 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 12 March – The Mozambican government Tuesday decided to boost the production and processing capacity of natural gas at Pande and Temane ffrom a current level of 120 million to 183 million gigajoules per year, government spokesman Luis Covane said in Maputo.

Covane said that the Government had also assessed and adopted the Plan for Development of the Gas Pipeline linking Temane, in Inhambane province in southern Mozambique, to Secunda, in South Africa, in order to boost transport capacity of this resource.

With the expansion of the facility additional amounts of natural gas will be made available to the Mozambican market, which would make it possible for new development projects to be carried out in the country, such as the Gas-Fired Power Plant to be built as of 2012, in the Moamba district of the far south of Mozambique.

This power station is expected to consumer 27 million gigajoules of gas per year.

Natural gas was first discovered in Mozambique in 1962 when Gulf Oil was prospecting in the Pande fields. After several years of attempting to explore it industrially, the government of Mozambique, national oil company ENH and South African petrochemical company Sasol reached a number of historical agreements that were the first step in developing the natural gas industry in Southern Africa.

These agreements culminated with the construction of the gas pipeline linking the fields of Temane and Pande in Mozambique, and Secunda in South Africa.

The gas pipeline between Mozambique and South Africa is 895 kilometres long, 551 of which are in Mozambique and the remaining 344 are in South Africa. (macauhub)