Mozambique: Biofuels expected to account for 15 pct of national fuel consumption

13 March 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 13 March – Biofuels, more specifically ethanol and biodiesel, are expected to account for 15 percent of fuel consumption in Mozambique over the next five years, the country’s Energy Minister, Salvador Namburete said.

According to Namburete, biofuel is expected to be mixed with fossil fuels, thus becoming part of national consumption. Ahead of this the government plans to draw up regulations stipulating the percentages of ethanol and bio-diesel to be added to gasoline and diesel.

Along with the issue of regulating the additive, it will be necessary to give fuel import and distribution companies to prepare for this new situation that is expected to be in force by 2014.

Mozambique is focused on developing biofuels as an alternative to reduce the country’s dependence on imported fossil fuels.

Currently several initiatives are underway for biofuel production.

The processing unit of Ecomoz (Energias Alternativas Renováveis, Lda), a joint initiative of Mozambican oil company Petróleos de Moçambique (Petromoc) and other entities, has so far produced over 1 million litres of bio-diesel, since it was set up in 2007.

Other initiatives for biofuel production such as Procana and others, are currently producing raw materials, from sugar cane, jatropha, copra and various oil-producing crops. (macauhub)