Angola: European Union invests in improving drinking water and grazing land in Angola

16 March 2009

Luanda, Angola, 16 March – The European Union (EU) plans to invest 3.5 million euros in the second phase of the programme to improve access to drinking water and grazing land for communities in the transhumance corridors of the Angolan provinces of Namibe, Cunene and Huíla, Angolan news agency Angop reported Friday.

The programme, the first phase of which began in June 2008 and which is due to end in 2011, is being implemented by German consulting company GFA and is expected to benefit over 300,000 people in the region.

Speaking to Angop, GFA official, Timothy Russell said that initially the programme had involved identifying water supply points, grazing areas and transhumance corridors in the municipalities of Gambos (Huila), Bibala (Namibe) and Cahama (Cunene).

“As of April we will start construction of two dams, ten drinking water bore holes for the population, weirs, water tanks, cisterns, and new technologies,” he noted.

He said that the project would improve the living conditions of pastoral communities and vulnerable families, increase productivity and improve the cattle grazing and watering system in order to reduce the need for transhumance.

The municipalities of Gambos, Cahama and Bibala have had serious problems with drought, with significant losses in the agricultural and livestock sectors due to the characteristics of its climate, leaving pastoral communities to walk travel great distances to search for grazing land and water for their cattle. (macauhub)