East Timor: Chinese company CNI22 builds power stations in East Timor

17 March 2009

Dili, East Timor, 17 Mar – China Nuclear Industry 22nd Construction Company (CNI22) is building two power stations and expanding East Timor’s national grid, according to information revealed by the Chinese ambassador in the Timorese capital.

The contract, worth US$360 million and signed in 2008, includes the construction of two heavy fuel oil power stations in northern East Timor with an output of 120MW and in the south with an output of 60MW, the expansion of the national grid with 750km of new high tension lines and the building of 10 electrical sub-stations.

The Chinese company, which has already started preparatory work, has two years in which to complete the project.

According to the same source, available on the website of the Forum for Economic and Commercial Cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries (Macau), “the project is the biggest government investment and the Chinese company’s biggest project to date, since East Timor’s independence.

According to the same source, the project will mean that East Timor’s permanent demand for electricity can be met. (macauhub)