China: Coffee produced in Macau to be presented in Beijing

20 March 2009

Beijing, China, 20 March – The coffee produced in Macau by Portuguese company Sociedade Industrial de Macau is due to be presented Wednesday in Beijing to 100 professionals from the hotel and restaurant industry.

The promotion will take place at the Portuguese Embassy in Beijing.

The “targets” for the product are the middle to upper-middle classes, four and five star hotels – “of which in Beijing alone there are 100,”noted Dora Martins, the company´s sales director – and Western restaurants, of which there are over 200 in the city.

“Olá Café”, which Martins noted was a “European-style coffee,” is also being launched in Macau, Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

The coffee beans used are mainly from Brazil.

Martins noted that the location of the coffee roasting facility “on Chinese soil” (the Special Administrative Regions of Macau), was “another advantage” in relation to the competition, namely Italian companies, which have been present in China for longer. (macauhub)