Mozambique: Sea container terminal projected at port of Nacala

23 March 2009

Nacala, Mozambique, 23 March – A sea container terminal may soon be built at the port of Nacala to process container cargo from the northern Indian Ocean, said Fernando Couto, the chief executive of the Northern Development Corridor (CDN).

According to Mozambican newspaper Notícias, Couto said that there were solid prospects that the Project would go ahead, although the country had competition from other countries in Southern Africa such as the Comoros Islands and Mauritius for carrying it out.

Couto added that the board of the CDN, the body that manages the facility, was currently working with other partners in order to make the project viable.

“The port of Nacala is situated in a strategic area of the Indian Ocean, with the best natural conditions and thus it can be the future container terminal for the southern parto f Africa,” he said.

Couto announced other projects that were underway and that could make the port more profitable, specifically the banana plantation Project at Namialo, which could soon begin exporting large quantities of bananas via the port.

“When the main buyers with whom we have been in contact begin to export bananas, in December of this year, we will have around 145 containers per week leacing Mozambique for teh MIddle Eatsern market, essentially, and also for the southern European market,” he noted. (macauhub)