Angola: Road between Cuito and Menongue undergoes reconstruction

25 March 2009

Cuito, Angola, 25 March – Two hundred and ninety kilometres of road between the provinces of Bié and Cuando Cubango are undergoing reconstruction by construction companies Manuel Couto Alves Vias (MCA), Queirós Galvão and Edifer, according to Angolan news agency Angop.

The first stretch of road includes a detour from Cuito to the municipality of Chitembo, over 115 kilometres, the second stretches between Chitembo and the Cuelei river, over 100 kilometres, and the third extends from the Cuelei river to the city of Menongue, 57 kilometres away.

According to the representative of the inspection company of the Angolan Roads Institute (INEA), Alexandre Galvão, on the Chitembo/Cuelei section, 15 kilometres of the reconstruction have already been completed.

He added that on that section 30 kilometres of the base of the road had been prepared, whilst the remaining 50 kilometres of base were currently being prepared.

He said that along this itinerary the contract, which was the responsibility of Queirós Galvão, had been launched in October 2007 and was due for conclusion in October 2009.

Along the Cuito/Chitembo section, which is the responsibility of MCA, over 80 kilometres of the road have so far been levelled.

Work to lay the base of the road and its layer of asphalt had also already begun, he said.

Along this section two concrete bridges are also being built across the Bambelo and Diapela rivers, the first being 24 metres long and the second 12 metres long. (macauhub)