Angola: First Angola Business Park launched in Lunda Norte

26 March 2009

Luanda, Angola, 26 March – The Drago group has announced the launch on 4 April of the first logistics station integrated in Angola Business Park, a project which includes construction of production centres in all provinces, at an overall investment of some US$700 million.

This Project of the Drago group, which has its headquarters in Luanda, aims to encourage economic and industrial development of the country’s 18 provinces, via the creation of production facilities that attract investors and which support economic activity.

The logistics hubs will be provided with all necessary facilities for development of an industrial city, ranging from factories to hotels, supermarkets, warehouses, offices, container parks, truck stations, heliport, fuel stations and apartments, amongst other support services.

“We are going to offer everything that an investor needs to do business in the provinces,” said Gentil Viana, who is responsible for the Drago group’s Project, which has secured funding from Angolan banks, such as Banco de Desenvolvimento de Angola.

The first park will be called Lunda Norte Business Park and built in the city of Dundo over the next two years. The budget outlined is of US$37 million, the same cost as estimated for the remaining centres, which may vary based on the characteristics of each of the provinces.

Luanda and Huambo are the next provinces to receive a centre.

In the capital, Menha Business Park will be built in an area of 131 hectares, in Kifangondo commune, Cacuaco municipality, and will have a strategic role as it could serve as a platform to distribute production from other centres. (macauhub)