Mozambique: Trade with US totals US$229 million in 2008

27 March 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 27 March – Trade between Mozambique and the United States totalled US$229 million in 2008, a figure that represents double the volume reached in 2007, the US embassy in Mozambique said Thursday in Maputo.

A statement issued on the occasion of this week’s visit by the Mozambican Minister for Industry and Trade, António Fernando, to the United States, said that US exports to Mozambique rose 86 percent in 2008, to US$213 million.

In their turn Mozambican exports to the United States reached US$16.8 million in 2008, or 214 percent more than in 2007.

Mozambique sold titanium, cashew nuts and precious stones to the United States benefitting from customs tax exemption under the terms of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), approved by the US administration in favour of some poor countries.

“Mozambique is just one of 14 Sub-Saharan African countries with which the United States has a Framework Agreement for Trade and Investment,” the statement said. (macauhub)