Mozambique: Brazilian technical personnel computerize National Social Security Institute

31 March 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 31 March – Brazilian technical personnel will begin work shortly to computerize the social welfare system at the National Social Security Institute (INSS), as part of the cooperation framework between Mozambique and Brazil, according to the Noticias newspaper.

The delegation of specialists that has been working on getting to know the current situation of beneficiaries in the system, has told Helena Taipo, Mozambique’s Work Minister, of the conditions for the start of data digitalization, and Cláudio Nascimento, of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency, said that preliminary work had already begun, although it was still in the embryonic stage.

With this project, Brazil also hopes to train work inspectors so that their work conforms to the market dynamic, which is characterized today by the irreversible use of information and communication technology.

The work inspectors will prepare a networked database, containing all information on the legal situation and the workers in all the companies throughout the country, without the need to visit companies to confirm the data.

“Our cooperation should centre on the maintenance of the computer system, as much for social welfare as for work inspection. The existing system was the result of collaboration with Portugal in 2004, and already has an important database, though not sufficient to cope with Mozambique’s growth. As social welfare is constantly growing, the database could be full in a few years, as more people enter the system.

The plan should be to accumulate existing capital to fund the changes that Mozambique will have to go through over the coming years,” said Nascimento. (macauhub)