Brazil: Replacement of gasoline with ethanol reduces emission by 73 pct, survey says

1 April 2009

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1 April – Replacing gasoline with sugar cane ethanol could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 73 percent, according to a survey published Tuesday in Sao Paulo.

The study from state company Embrapa, cited by newspaper Valor Económico, boost the theory that ethanol emits fewer gases, such as carbon dioxide, that oil derivatives.

The survey took into consideration emissions from vehicles and atmospheric pollutants during the entire fuel production, processing and distribution process.

According to Embrapa researchers, the process of extracting and refining oil is more polluting that planting and processing sugar cane.

Last year, Brazil exported 5.16 billion litres of cane sugar ethanol, a record level, which was the result of a rise of 46 percent in exports on 2007.

Ethanol exports netted the country 2.46 billion euros, a figure around two times sales of gasoline abroad by Brazilian state company Petrobras.

The main market continues to be the United States, which accounted for almost half of the total sold by Brazil, the world’s biggest exporter of ethanol. (macauhub)