Angola: Angolan Agriculture ministry re-launches cash crops

13 April 2009

Luanda, Angola, 13 April – The Angolan Agriculture Ministry plans, in the short term, to put a plan in place to re-launch production of cash crops, such as sunflowers, grapes, wheat, rice, palm, the director for Agriculture Fisheries and Forests said in Luanda Thursday.

Speaking to Angolan news agency Angop, Domingos Nazaré da Cruz Veloso said that currently conditions were being set up at the Pungo Andongo farm, in the Agri-Industrial Hub of Malanje province, for sunflower production.

In terms of other crops, Nazaré Veloso said grapes were being produced in Cunene province by an Angolan businessman, adding that also in this location of the south of the country it was very likely that wheat would be produced on a wide scale at a time when the country imports around 300,000 tonnes of this grain.

He also said it was possible that rice would be produced on a wide scale in Moxico province, as well as mentioning a project to recover palm plantations for palm oil production across the country.

In terms of cash crops that are already being produced, Nazaré Veloso noted coffee, the production of which, despite past problems, has never stopped, even though it was produced in almost insignificant quantities (6,000 tonnes per year). In the 1970s Angola produced around 200 tons of commercial coffee per year.

In order to overcome this situation, the National Coffee Institute of Angola (INCA) plans to invest US$220 million in Uíje, Kwanza Sul and Kwanza Norte provinces, with the aim of achieving the levels of production seen before the country’s independence. (macauhub)