Cape Verde: CPLP official calls for creation of shipping route between Praia and Bissau

23 April 2009

Praia, Cape Verde, 23 April – The governments of Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau are “very receptive” to the launch of a regular shipping route between the capitals of the two countries, said the chairman of the Business Board of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP).

Cited by Cape Verdean newspaper, A Semana, Braima Camará said that the route would make it possible to launch the “long awaited trade” between the two countries.

The Guinean national noted that “Cape Verde imports almost everything from the outside and Guinea Bissau has difficulty in finding a market for its agricultural products and thus a regular shipping route between the two capitals would make it possible for Cape Verde to receive fresh products including fish, vegetables and fruit.

Camará gave assurances that the two governments had been in contact about the matter.

Camará also said that, on 19 June, a Cape Verdean business mission was due to travel to Bissau for meetings with local businesspeople.

Cape Verde is currently Guinea Bissau’s main link to the outside world. Three flights per week run by Cape Verde’s air carrier provide transport of Guinean passengers to Senegal, Europe, Brazil and the United States.

Portuguese air carrier TAP, which also flies to Bissau, has just one flight per week and Air Senegal is no longer operating. (macauhub)