Angola: Angola Telecom to invest US$1.2 billion in country’s fixed-line network

23 April 2009

Lisbon, Portugal, 23 April – Angola Telecom plans to invest US$1.2 billion in its fixed line network and give priority to interlinking the country with fibre optics, the company’s chief executive said in Lisbon Wednesday.

Speaking to Portuguese news agency Lusa on the sidelines of the World Telecommunicatiosn Forum, which is taking place in Lisbon until Friday, João Avelino Manuel noted that the investment would be made in interlinking Angola’s 18 provinces with fibre optic cables, New Generation Networks and local wireless networks.

“We are interlinking the entire country, the 18 provinces, and working on a national basis. The priority is to interlink the whole country in order to distribute large amounts of traffic, not only from Angola Telecom, as the incumbent operators, but also to make it possible for other operators to have transmission available, such as mobiles, which is very difficult at the moment,” he said.

Manuel noted that the investment would make it possible for mobile operators “to expand more quickly and be able to cover national roads and municipalities, via their capacities from the fibre optic cable network.” (macauhub)