Angola to produce 15 million tonnes of grain by 2013

27 April 2009

Luanda, Angola, 27 April – Angola plans to produce 15 million tonnes of grain by 2013 at an annual average rate of 3 million tonnes, exceeding current estimated production by 1.1 million tonnes, the Agriculture Minister said in Luanda Friday.

In order to produce that amount of grain, the Angolan government plans to invest at least US$2 billion, or around US$500,000 per year, Minister Pedro Canga said.

Canga, who was speaking about the National Conference on the Agrarian Sector, themed around, “Food Production and Fighting Hunger: A First Line Priority,” to be held on Tuesday, 28 April, noted
that in order to reach those targets the government was counting on the active participation of the private sector.

The conference will be attended, amongst others, by ministerial officials, farmers, organised rural workers via their cooperatives, businesspeople, industrialists, banks, insurance companies, politicians, members of parliament and NGOs.

The minister said that the government had already made available the US$350 million in credit for encouraging agri-livestock production and boosting the business of small and medium-sized rural farmers, approved last year. (macauhub)