Mozambique: Fish export revenues fall 31 percent in 2008

27 April 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 27 April – Revenues from Mozambique’s fish exports in 2008 totalled US$55.6 million, a fall of 31 percent against the US$70 million posted in 2007, newspaper Notícias reported.

Those revenues correspond to the export of 11,000 tonnes of fish, a fall of 17 percent against 2007, a year in which 13,000 tonnes were exported.

The fall seen in exports was due, according to the newspaper, to reduced production and a fall in prices on the international market as well as the impact of fuel price rises.

According to the annual report on Economic Development – Pillar IV, the fall in fish export revenues was due to a regression in costs of production due to fuel prices, associated to a fall in export market prices, caused by competition with fish farmed products.

To this overall climate was added the de-capitalisation of fishing companies, difficulties in accessing credit and the obsolete state of fishing vessels, which led to a significant part of teh fleet being halted.

The fall in exports was also due to the introduction of a longer closed season for fishing (from three to five months) for shrimp fishing, which led to a drop in production. (macauhub)