Angola: Escom Opway Contractors awarded contract in the Congo

5 May 2009

Luanda, Angola, 5 May – Escom Opway African Contractors BV, a company of Portuguese group Espírito Santo, has been awarded the tender to build a section of road in the Republic of Congo, worth 49 million euros, according to Angolan news agency Angop.

This is the first contract won by the consortium made up of Opway Engenharia and the Escom group.

The new company plans to build 57 kilometres of asphalt road between Sibiti and Zanaga in the southern interior of the Republic of Congo.

The contract includes building three bridges (each around 16 metres long), a seven-metre wide road with a 1 metre hard shoulder on both sides, levelling, drainage and signage.

Escom Opway African Contractors BV is a partnership made up of Opway Engenharia and by the Escom group to operate in the sub-Saharan African construction and public works markets.

Escom and Opway are both controlled by the Espírito Santo Group.

The Escom group has been in the Republic of Congo since 2000, via Societè Congolaise de Travaux Publiques, and in Angola since 1991.

The Opway group, which is the result of a merger between construction companies OPCA and Sopol, has been in the African market since 1992, via former company OPCA. (macauhub)