Angola: Brazil’s Camargo Corrêa builds power transmission line in Uige province

6 May 2009

Uige, Angola, 6 May – Brazilian construction company Camargo Corrêa is building a power transmission line from the Capanda hydroelectric dam to Maquela do Zombo, in Uige province, according to Angolan news agency Angop.

The transmission line, the agency said, would have around 400 pylons and over 600 kilometres of electrical cable, and would initially supply electricity to the municipalities of Uige, Mucaba, Damba and Maquela do Zombo.

“The African continent is strategic for Camargo Corrêa,” said the company’s director in Angola, Orlando Cúcolo, adding that the various cultural affinities, particualrly in terms of the Portuguese language, made Brazil’s economic integration with Africa easier in managing companies and business deals.

Cúcolo also said that the company had 190 workers in the province, including Angolans and Brazilians, and gave assurances that the work would be finished this by the end of the year. (macauhub)