Brazil: Brazilian government wants to increase exports to China

13 May 2009

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 13 May – The Brazilian government has launched an offensive to diversify exports to China, which begins with the visit by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to China on 19 May, Brazilian newspaper Estado de São Paulo reported.

On his trip to Beijing, Lula da Silva will try to promote Brazilian products with greater added value, such as Embraer’s aircraft and those that faces customs obstacles, such as meat.

The president also wants to encourage a rise in bilateral investments.

“The president will focus on products that have great impact on the balance fo trade,” said the secretary for Foreign Trade, Welber Barral.

According to Barral, Brazil accounts for just 1.4 percent of China‘s foreign imports and a survey by the Development Ministry pointed to 26 sectors in which Brazilian companies could increase their participation in the Chinese market.

These include spare parts, steel making products, computers, vehicle engines, aircraft, chemicals, paper pulp, meat and fertilisers.

Barral said that in order to increase bilateral trade the government was facing resistance in Brazil itself as businesspeople are reticent either due to cultural issues or the high cost of sales promotion in China.

In order to support businesspeople the Agency for Export Promotion (Apex-Brazil) plans to open an office in Beijing.

In the first four months of 2009, 76.5 percent of what China acquired from Brazil were raw materials and 23.1 percent were industrial products, whilst China sold to Brazil 2.3 percent raw materials and 97.7 percent industrial products. (macauhub)