Angola: Taag undergoes another audit by International Air Transport Association

19 May 2009

Luanda, Angola, 19 May – Experts from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) have, since Monday, been carrying out an audit on Angolan airline Taag, the air carrier’s spokesman said in Luanda Monday.

According to Rui Carreira, this new inspection by IATA is part of the restructuring process undertaken by the company after it was included on the “black list” of the European Air Safety Commission in July 2007.

Taag is now hoping to obtain the international certification it needs to once again fly in European air space, and this inspection will be followed by a European inspection, on a date that has yet to be set.

In order to re-launch flights to Europe Taag needs certificates from IATA, the European Air Safety Commission and the National Civil Aviation Institute (Inavic).

Carreira, cited by the Angolan press, also said that the Inavic certificate would be granted after the “verification and approval of the new safety manuals, most of which have already been approved, inspection and demonstrations and internal audits that are already underway.”

IATA certification requires checking “compliance with over 900 requirements in eight areas, including, organisation and management systems, flight operations, operational dispatch and maintenance .”

In order for Taag to return to Europe’s skies, the Angolan airline also needs European experts to confirm that safety faults detected by French technicians in July 2007 have been rectified. (macauhub)