Mozambique: Review of non-intrusive goods inspections tariffs requires study, minister says

21 May 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 21 May – The review of procedures and tariffs for use of non-intrusive goods inspection apparatus can only be decided after a study of the issue is carried out, said Mozambican Finance Minister, Manuel Chang.

Although he admitted that the concern of business owners was pertinent, Chang said that the only commitment that could be made was that the “study will be carried out.”

This was Chang’s response to concerns raised by business owners at a recent meeting with Prime Minister Luisa Diogo, at which business owners once again questioned the tariffs applied for use of the scanners in goods export and import operations.

Despite recognising that the system was necessary, the business owners said they believed the scanners to be harmful to their businesses in their current terms.

According to the business owners the high prices for use of the scanners makes their Mozambican export products less competitive on the international market.

From the beginning, the private sector has called on the Government to make the need for goods to be inspected in transit at Mozambican ports optional.

The Government in its turn is cautious about meeting some of the demands of the economic agents, justifying itself with the need to get back what it invested in the equipment, which is managed by private company Kudumba Investments. (macauhub)