Angola: Reconstruction of Luanda-Malanje railroad in final stages

25 May 2009

Ndalatando, Angola, 25 May – The reconstruction of the around 400-kilometre Luanda-Malanje railroad is in its final stage, the director of the project for Reconstruction of the Luanda Railroads (CFL), Hewer Jran said Friday in Ndalatando.

Jran said that the necessary conditions had been set up for trains to start circulating along the route.

He noted that the construction of the railway line, which began in 2005, required construction of 600 hydraulic crossings, 16 stations and 40 bridges and pontoons, as well as clearing scrub and reducing inclines.

Accoring to Jran, planting trees at stations and opening up draining ditches along some stretches of the line were the only tasks left to do by contractor China Ferrovia Group 20.

Jran noted that 3,000 Chinese technicians and an unspecified number of Angolans were working on the project. (macauhub)