Angola: CFB trains reach border with Zambia in 2011

25 May 2009

Lobito, Angola, 25 May – The chief executive of Angolan regional railroad company Caminho-de-Ferro de Benguela (CFB), Carlos Brás, said Thursday that the company’s trains could reach the municipality of Moxico, which borders Zambia, in 2011.

Speaking to the press, Brás said that the section between Lobito (Benguela province) and Santa Rita (Huambo province), over 400 kilometres, had already been rebuilt and noted the speed with which the Chinese contractor was carrying out the work.

According to the CEO, the teams made up of Angolan and Chinese workers, were operating in various locations at the same time.

He noted that building 32 bridges was the contract that had taken the most time on the project, which had officially been started three years ago.

As well as work to prepare the ground and launch the line, Bra´s said that 74 large and medium-sized stations were being built along the line.

According to Brás the railway line is being rebuilt in order to transport 40 million passengers each year and 20 million tonnes of various goods, and is expected to cost US$1.9 billion.

The Benguela railroad was built between 1903 and 1929 and, at the time, was mainly used to transport gold from the former Republic of Zaire and from Zambia to the port of Lobito. (macauhub)