Mozambique: Partners pledge over US$470 million for 2010 budget

29 May 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 29 May – Mozambique’s Program Aid Partners (G19), Thursday pledged to provide the country with US$804.5 million in aid for the various activities programmed by the Mozambican government for 2010.

Of this amount US$471.8 million is in direct budgetary ai and the remaining US$332.7 million is for common funds and sector programmes.

At a ceremony held in Maputo the partners handed over formal letters of commitment to the budget and sector aid to the government.

A meeting between the government and its partners to assess progress made in fighting poverty in the country was held between March and April. This year the G19 was marked by the admission of two new members, names the United States of America and the United Nations (UN), which publically announced their commitments to the other programme partners.

The biggest contributor to the next Mozambican budget will be the World Bank which has pledged to provide the country with US$110 million, as compared to US$70 million for the 2009 state budget.

Other contributors to the 2010 State Budget are the African Development Bank (US$26.6 million), the European union (US$67 million), Germany (US$21.4 million), the Netherlands (US$25.7 million), Ireland (US$15 million), Norway (US$24.7 million and the United Kingdom (US$69 million).

Sweden is the only partner to reduce its aid; from US$47 million to US$42 million.

The Irish ambassador said at the ceremony that he hoped Mozambique could improve aspects of governance, justice and fighting corruption. (macauhub)