Angola: Angolan airline manager gives assurances of greater organisation but admits there are imperfections

3 June 2009

Luanda, Angola, 3 June – Experts from the European Union (EU) will find Angolan airline Taag that is “not yet perfect” but which is “more organised,” said Rui Ferreira of the airline’s management commission, Tuesday in Luanda.

A team of experts from the EU air safety commission is expected in mid-June in Luanda with a view to carry out one of the final assessments in the process of restructuring Taag, which has been banned from flying in European air space since July 2007.

According to Carreira, a member of the management commission created by the Government to restructure the company, the new Taag, which the European experts will find, has a “new dynamic of organisation,” that will allow for “safe and comfortable operations.”

However, he said that despite the new organisation and motivation, no “false hopes” should be set up because Taag was still undergoing a process of transition.

At the end of May, the International Air Traffic Association (IATA) positively assessed Taag as part of the restructuring process that is underway.

In order for Taag to re-launch its flights to Europe, the decision will have to be made by the air safety body in Brussels, although IATA’s audit is an important part of this process. (macauhub)