Mozambique: US gives assurances of maintaining and even increasing aid

5 June 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 5 June – The United States plans to continue supporting Mozambique in sectors such as health, education and infrastructure, the United States business attaché in Mozambique, Todd Chapman said Thursday in Maputo.

At a conference on US aid to developing countries promoted by the Higher Institute of International Relations, Chapman said that the US government would maintain the same level of aid to developing countries, “even at a difficult time for our own country.”

In the case of Mozambique, Chapmen went on to say, aid would even rise from US$350 million this year to US$373 million in 2010.

After having threatened to cut aid to Mozambique in the health sector two weeks ago, due to delays in the Maputo government in providing work permits (a year, he said) to US specialists in the sector, Chapman said Thursday that the US would “maintain its commitments.”

Chapman said that in a crisis such as the current one, “the worst thing to do is apply protective measures,” and that knee-jerk reaction that governments have of “closing markets” should be avoided.

Thus, he suggested that the Mozambican government should be more open to national and foreign private investment, creating a climate that boosts business.

The embassy, he said, would organise a conference on trade and investment with the Mozambican government in July, with 50 US businesspeople, similarly to what had happened in the past. (macauhub)