France funds shrimp farming in Mozambique

18 June 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 18 June – France plans to donate 1.5 million euros to Mozambique to support the shrimp farming sector, under the terms of a funding convention signed by the Bank of Mozambique and the French Development Agency, Mozambican daily newspaper, Notícias reported.

The project, outlined to last three years, aims to improve and ensure the sustainability of the competitiveness of shrimp on the international market and will involve the sector’s main players, namely the National Aquaculture Development Institute (Inaqua), the National Institute for Inspection of Fishing Products (INIP), as well as the private sector via the Association of Shrimp Producers of Mozambique (APCM).

The governor of the Bank of Mozambique, Ernesto Gove, speaking at the event said that signing the convention was very important to the fisheries sector, as it boosted one of the most important export products, improving its competitiveness in foreign markets and thus reduced the balance of payments deficit.

“This funding is part of the Programme to Boost Commercial Capacities carried out by the French Economy, Industry and Employment Ministry and the French Development Agency and designed o provide support to developing countries in developing international trade, thus promoting their economic growth,” said Gove. (macauhub)