Sena Railroad in Mozambique attacked by vandals

19 June 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 19 June – Reconstruction of Mozambique’s Sena railway line is due to be concluded in September, but vandals have already attacked it, stealing the screws that fix the railway sleepers in place to use them as net weights for fishing, according to Notícias newspaper.

According to Cândido John, the executive director of the Sena railway line reconstruction team, as well as damage to the project due to the constant need to replace the stolen materials, this problem is of concern mainly because of the danger to rail safety, on a line which recently saw the re-launch of a passenger service

Removing screws from the sleepers can, according to John, lead to trains derailing on a line that is being prepared to support the transport of millions of tonnes of cargo from the port of Beira, specifically coal from Moatize.

António Libombo, CFM director of communications, told Notícias that vandalising of the distance markers (concrete slabs indicating distances) along the line frequently occurred in the Inhaminga region, where the thieves destroy pillars to remove the iron rods inside them and later sharpen them to use in illegal hunting in the Marromeu reserve.

John told the newspaper that work was currently 2 kilometres for Doa, in Tete province, and that the teams would reach the twon within the next week.

According to John the contractor is ensuring conclusion of at least 42 kilometres of line per month to cover the 150 kilometres between Doa and Moatize, as there are around 3.5 months left to conclude the work within the established deadline. (macauhub)