Brazil and Mozambique sign Tourism sector agreement

22 June 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 22 Jun – Tourism Ministers from Brazil Luís Barreto and from Mozambique, Fernando Sumbana, have signed a memorandum of understanding in Maputo which establishes a framework for cooperation in the area of training, according to Maputo newspaper, Notícias.

At the time, Sumbana said that training was a critical factor for tourism in Mozambique, since various tourism developments were being built in the country, which required qualified professionals.

“We were practical in choosing areas in which cooperation is needed as soon as possible and we also tried to concentrate on our priorities, such as the capulana project in which we need professionals, the Arco Norte project and other key tourism projects the government is developing,” he said.

Currently, after a coordinated effort between the Governments of the two countries, a professional instructor training project for the tourism sector has been set up in Mozambique at the Dom Bosco Institute.

Also, a professional tourism training course is underway at the mobile college which has already passed through the southern province of Inhambane, and is currently at the city of Beira in Sofala province in the country’s central region.

Sumbana added that “at another, more sophisticated, training program we are making significant progress and we have a Hotel and Tourism College in Inhambane, a Tourism faculty in Pemba and now in the Dom Bosco Institute. We also need tourism guides to take tourists around the country’s various places of interest so that they don’t just stay in the hotel.”

For his part, the Brazilian minister said that it was important to increase the flow of visitors on both sides, having more Brazilians visiting Mozambique and more Mozambicans visiting Brazil and put the Mozambican business world in greater contact with the Brazilian,” he said.

The minister Luís Barreto travelled to Mozambique in order to open a sport ball factory in Maputo offered by Brazil. (macauhub)