Portugal and Mozambique discuss the liberalization of the aviation market

22 June 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 22 Jun – Mozambique is negotiating with Portugal the increase in the Mozambican tourism market, said José Viegas, the president of Mozambique Airlines (LAM), quoted by Notícias newspaper in Maputo.

In statements to the newspaper regarding the recent election of LAM to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) board of governors, Viegas said that the negotiations were part of efforts to liberalize the aviation market in Mozambique.

He said that the liberalization of the aviation market in Mozambique was already underway and should be completed by 2010, adding that it had begun with the reciprocal opening to countries in southern Africa, with two airlines on each side, though without providing further details.

Viegas also said that liberalization would equally include air links with Portugal.

Negotiations with Portugal could, possibly, result in the entry of new operators in the Mozambican tourism market, though Viegas stressed that liberalization would only make sense once the Mozambican market had a greater capacity to compete, which was not yet the case.

LAM was elected to the IATA board of governors, whose mandate extends to 2011, during the meeting at Kuala Lumpur in which members of the association discussed the future of the aviation industry in the light of the current international financial crisis.

This year, the global aviation industry showed losses of around US$9 billion, compared to the US$4.7 billion initially predicted. (macauhub)