Anti-viral medication factory in Mozambique due to start operating in 2010

23 June 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 23 June – Mozambique’s anti-viral medication factory is due to go into operation between December and January, Brazil’s ambassador to Mozambique, António Sousa e Silva said cited by Maputo newspaper Notícias.

The facility, which will be set up in a former factory in Matola, in an initial phase will package anti-viral medication manufactured in Brazil.

“Initially Mozambique will receive large quantities of medication made in Brazil. The Mozambican technicians will work on packaging and sealing them with a “Made in Mozambique” sticker and this will be the case until conditions can be created for the medication to be produced locally,” the ambassador said.

The factory’s launch has been successively announced, but the ambassador has now given assurances that now it will be launched.

“The difference is now that the process is underway and began over a year ago with the training of Mozambican technical staff. We already have a factory director, who came from Brazil to head up the technical part of the process, and it is thus important to understand that the process is irreversible,” the ambassador noted.

However, Sousa e Silva said that there could be some delay in the arrival of the equipment needed for the factory to start operating, but that this would not affect the overall timings.

The Brazilian ambassador also said that he had no doubts that the workforce would mostly be Mozambican and added that, as well as packaging anti-virals, the new factory would also manufacture serums. (macauhub)