Taiwanese technicians draw up study of water resources in Sao Tome and Principe

25 June 2009

Sao Tome, Sao Tome and Principe, 25 June – The general plan for development of water resources in Sao Tome and Principe carried out by Taiwanese technicians and officially presented Wednesday in Sao Tome requires 500 million euros and 31 years to be implemented.

The document show that the island of Sao Tome has enough water resources to supply the population with drinking water, irrigation and construction of hydroelectric plants but, due to its cost, the minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Environment noted that it would not be easy to find funding to implement the project.

“We already know where to find the water, this had been identified, and how to take it to the population has also been identified. Now it will be difficult to find the means to do so,” said Cristina Dias, adding that everything possible would be done to try to get the necessary resources to implement the plan.

The minister warned that in 31 years the current situation may have changed if the environment is not protected and noted the need to preserve the forest by combating illegal logging and thus preventing a reduction in rainfall, which is an important aspect of the study put forward. (macauhub)