Angolan government offers land to Cape Verde for agricultural production

25 June 2009

Praia, Cape Verde, 25 June – The government of Cape Verde has set up a private limited company (sociedade anónima) to explore and manage a plot of agricultural land provided to it by the Angolan authorities as part of the cooperation between the two countries.

The company, with starting capital of 5 million Cape Verdean escudos (around 455,000 euros) entirely subscribed by the Cape Verdean state, is charged with drawing up, approving and implementing the strategic and management plans for the agri-livestock and rural tourism development of the land, which is located in Angola’s Kwanza Sul province in central Angola.

The land provided by Angola to Cape Verde is arable and fertile and has significant annual rainfall, permanent waterways, topographical conditions for the use of modern technologies at a low cost, easy access and availability of a local workforce.

O governo cabo-verdiano considera que as características do terreno proporcionam “um conjunto de condições favoráveis e potencialidades para desenvolvimento agro-pecuário diversificado, de qualidade e economicamente viável”.The Cape Verdean government has said that the characteristics of the land provide “a set of favourable conditions and potential for diversified agri-livestock development, that is of high quality and economically viable.”(macauhub)