Government of Mozambique says it plans to protect the Monte Mabu rainforest

29 June 2009

London, United Kingdom, 29 June – The Mozambican authorities have agreed to keep commercial interests out of a recently discovered area of virgin tropical rainforest, said environmentalists cited by British newspaper The Guardian.

Representatives from the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, the Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust and of other groups that want to protect the tropical rainforest at Monte Mabu told the newspaper that members of the Mozambican government had given assurances that they would preserve the area after new species of snake, butterfly and chameleons were discovered there.

“The message that we are passing on is that Mozambique is rich in biodiversity, that butterflies and plans can be as important as mammals and that conservations policies should consider areas such as those hills or coastal forests that do not normally fit into the category of a national park,” said Jonathan Timberlanke, of Kew Gardens.

The Monte Mabu rainforest remained isolated from the world, even whilst neighbouring areas were devastated by the civil war, due to difficulty accessing it and it was discovered when scientists were analysing satellite images on Google Earth. (macauhub)