Mozambique’s Citrum exports citrus fruits to Europe

9 July 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 9 July – Mozambican company Citrum exported 1,400 tonnes of oranges and grapefruit to the European market during the current campaign (2008-2009), according to the chairman of the Office to Support Small Investments (GAPI), António Souto.

GAPI, which is the institution that “saved” Citrum from imminent bankruptcy, in 2007 drew up a citrus fruit production strategy and search for a technological partnership, which made it possible for the company to re-launch its project to produce and export oranges and grapefruit and also invested some US$1.6 million in improving the company’s citrus groves.

Souto alsos aid that Citrum, a project that is being carried out in Boane district in Maputo province, expects to export approximately 2,500 tonnes of citrus fruit in the next agricultural campign, after small investments made in the companies citrus groves.

As well as the foreign marker, the company is also selling round 200 tonnes of oranges and grapefruit on the local market, including Mozambique’s juice industries.

The European market is the main destination for the fruit produced by Citrum, but Souto said that the idea was for the company to guarantee supply both to the national and regional markets, and to starting looking towards Asia.

“The Asian market has shown it is open to our products, but we are still making contacts with a view to exporting to some of the countries,” the GAP chairman said. (macauhub)