European Commission due to announce decision on re-launch of Angolan airline Taag’s flights to Lisbon

14 July 2009

Brussels, Belgium, 14 July – The European Commission is due Tuesday in Strasbourg to update the “black list” of airlines banned from flying in European air space and is expected to give its decision on Angola’s Taag, an EC source said Monday in Brussels.

Cited by Portuguese news agency Lusa, the source said only that the EC would update the black list and gave no details of the way the decision would go on the proposal made by the European Union Air Safety Committee, almost two weeks ago, for Taag to be authorised, in an initial stage, to fly to Lisbon.

The Portuguese National Civil Aviation Institute (INAC) said on 2 July that the Safety Commission would recommend that the Angolan airline be allowed to re-launch its flights between Luanda and Lisbon, with the decision expected to be accepted by the EC, which has the last word on the matter.

Meanwhile, last week the European Transport Commissioner, Antonio Tajani said he expected several airlines to be removed from the black list “in the next few days.”

Without giving details of specific cases, the European Commissioner, who was speaking at a joint press conference with the President of the Council of the International Air Transport Association, Roberto Kobeh Ginzález, once again called for the “strict rules” implemented in Europe to be extended on a global scale, including setting up a world “black list.” (macauhub)