Wood production reaches 20,000 cubic metres in Cabinda, Angola

28 July 2009

Luanda, Angola, 28 July – 20,000 cubic metres of wood logs, of the 125,000 which the Maiombe forest in Cabinda province could provide, are produced annually and sold in Angola and abroad, the provincial director of the Forest Development Institute (IDF), Simão Zau said Monday.

Of the 20,000 cubic metres logged, over 9,000 cubic metres of wood logs are annually exported to the USA, Morocco, Italy, Portugal, China and France, according to Simão Zau.

Less than 3,000 cubic metres are sent to provinces where there is demand where it is used for construction and carpentry.

Simão Zau said that in 2008, 9,800 cubic metres of wood logs were exported and another 3,500 went to the national market.

Of the 11 Angolan and overseas companies currently holding licences, only three have capacity in terms of logging and sawing.

10,000 trees are planted annually in Cabinda, a number that Simão Zau considers “small.” ( macauhub)